2014 Writing Competition Nominees & Winners

Regular Categories:

Nominees receive certificates.
Winners receive the DWAA Maxwell Medallion, named in honor of the late Maxwell Riddle.

A. Newspaper Articles and Columns

1. Article or Column – Health and General Care

 Joanne Anderson, “Golden Retriever Lifetime Study” (Massapequa Post)

 Monique S. Balas, “Keep Your Sights on Animal Health” (The Oregonian)

Tom Sandford, “Canines Conquering Adversity” (Dogs, Dogs, Dogs)

2. Article or Column – Behavior and Training

 Joanne Anderson, “Billy: A NY State of Mind Beardie” (Amityville Record)

Joanne Anderson, “Cancer Detecting Dogs” (Amityville Record)

 Peggy Swager, “Wolf-dog Mix Definitely Not the Best of Both Worlds” Gazette Telegraph)

3. Article or Column – Rescue

 Jen Reeder, “Pit Bulls for People” (The Durango Telegraph)

 Jen Reeder, “A New Leash on Life” (The Durango Telegraph)

Tom Sandford, “What Became of the Rescued Dogs from Mile 26?” (Dogs, Dogs, Dogs)

4. Article or Column – Any Other Topic

Susan Ewing, “The Bloodhound Gang” (The Post-Journal)

 Michael Thomas Ford, “Lillie” (The Dog & Hound)

 Peggy Swager, “A Tale of Two Terriers” (Petacular)

B. Magazines

5. All Breed

 AKC Family Dog

 Dog Fancy Magazine

6. Single/Related Breeds

 Sighthound Review (Bo Bengtson)

 Just Frenchies (Susan Cooper)

 The Royal Spaniels (Holly Cornwell)

7. Special Interest or Annual

 The APDT Chronicle of the Dog (The Association of Professional Dog Trainers)

 Ready, Set, Rescue Magazine (Jackie Brown, Editor)

 Rescue Me Magazine (Jackie Brown, Editor)

C. Magazine Articles and Columns

8. Article or Column – Health and General Care

 Mary Helen Berg, “5 Common Eye Diseases” (Just Labs)

 Caroline Coile, “When Fats are Fatal” (AKC Family Dog)

 Genevieve Rajewski, “Heal Thyself” (Cummings Veterinary Medicine)

9. Article or Column – Behavior and Training

 Gina Mireault, “Perfect Pitch” (AKC Family Dog)

 Anna O’Brien, D.V.M., “5 Subtle Signs of Stress” (Dog Fancy)

 Dorice Stancher, “Wet, Wild, and Wonderful” (AKC Family Dog)

10. Article or Column – Rescue

 Lynn M. Hayner, “No-Kill Nation” (Rescue Me)

 Diana Laverdure, “The Legacy of Lucas” (Rescue Me)

 Meredith Wargo, “A Giving Network” (Rescue Me)

11. Article or Column – Breed

 Denise Flaim, “Gypsy Queen” (Sighthound Review)

 Jillian LaCross, “The Beginning” (Just Labs)

 Jen Reeder, “Canine Crime Solvers” (Just Labs)

12. Article or Column – Any Other Topic

 James Colasanti, Jr., “Butchy” (O’Henry Magazine)

 Brian Patrick Duggan, “Horrie the Dinkum Rebel” (AKC Family Dog)

 Kate Eldredge, “National Owner-Handler Series Everything You Need to Know” (Canine Chronicle)

 Erika Mansourian, “Tusk & Fang” (AKC Family Dog)

D. Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters

13. Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters

 Canine Companions for Independence (NER)

 Dogs, Dogs, Dogs (Tom Sandford)

 AMAL Tales (Alaskan Malamute)

E. Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters Articles

14. Health or Care Article

 Pat Miller, “New Old Friends” (Whole Dog Journal)

 Fran Pennock Shaw, “Pursuing a Cure for Breast Cancer” (Dogwatch)

15. Article – Any Other Topic

 Kate T. Kuligowski, “Oscar, a Seventy-Year Wait” (ruff DRAFTS)

 Pat Miller, “Copy That” (Whole Dog Journal)

 Deborah Wood & Jennifer Keene, “Is That Dog Going to Bite?” (Animal Tales)

F. Online

16. Website

 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America www.bmdca.org Adam Conn & Ann Milligan

 Denise Fenzi www.denisefenzi.com

 WOOFipedia www.WOOFipedia.com powered by the American Kennel Club

16a. Blog

 Fidose of Reality http://fidoseofreality.com Carol Bryant

 Nancy Tanner http://nancytanner.com

 The Daily Junior Dog Blog http://thedailyjuniorblog.wordpress.com Jill Schilp

 The Grady Report http://thegradyreport.wordpress.com Betty Sleep

17. Online Magazine or Newsletter

 AKC Gazette

 AKC Canine Partners News (Penny Leigh & Joanne Tribble)

 Dog Gone Art (Anne Marie Rasmussen)

G. Online Articles

18. Article – Health and General Care

 Ranny Green, “In Jackson’s Case” www.seattlekennelclub.org

 Louis Spirito, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” (WOOF!)

 Kim Campbell Thornton, “Food Rules” (Pet Connection)

19. Article – Behavior and Training

 Liz Palika, “When Your Dog Wants to Eat the Mail Carrier” (The Water Bowl by Embrace)

 Dusty Rainbolt, “When is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Dog?” Dogster.com

 Kim Campbell Thornton, “Best Smeller” (Pet Connection)

20. Article – Rescue

 Christine Booras, “The Blue Eyes of Rescue” www.Puppytoob.com

 Bernadette E. Kazmarski, “Devoted to the End” www.thecreativecat.net

 Dusty Rainbolt, “10 Reasons to Foster a Shelter Dog” Dogster.com

21. Article – Any Other Topic

 Caroline Coile, “Whatever Happened to Balto?”  Dogster.com

 Deb M. Eldredge, D.V.M., “Dog in the Barn – Delight or Danger?” Equimed.com

 Ranny Green, “What You See At Westminster” www.seattlekennelclub.org

 Cori Solomon, “Toby: A Blind Dog’s Journey” Examiner.com

22. Blog – Any Topic

 Emma Kesler, “Canine Ear Health Guide” www.milesandemma.com

 Emma Kesler, “Sitting Still in Exciting Environments: A Simple & Positive Exercise for High-Drive Dogs” www.milesandemma.com

 Jill Schilp, “To Love and to Work: Dogs with Jobs” http://thedailyjuniorblog

H. Graphics

23. Single Photo

 “Felton” AKC Canine Health Foundation

 Mary Fish Arango, “Inside the Mind of a Border Collie” (Borderlines)

 Melissa Duffy, “Toby, English Shepherd” (Idiots Guides: Dog Training)

 Rachel Phelps, “Beach Westie” (Texas With Dogs)

24. Series Photos

 Mary Fish Arango, “Promises Fulfilled: Puck’s Triple Championship (Borderlines)

 Chet Jezierski, “Masterpiece” (Dog News)

 Chet Jezierski, “Wired” (Dog News)

 Joanne Lefson, “Wonderwoman & Her Underdogs” (AKC Family Dog)

25. Single Illustration or Painting

 Melanie Feldges, “The Shame Game” (Just Frenchies)

 Susan Kamen Marsicano, “The 3 Basenji Musicians” (The Rip Van Wrinkler)

 Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer, “German Shepherd” (store.about-small-dogs.com)

 Dawn Secord, “Cover Illustration” (Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore)

26. Series of Illustrations or Paintings

 Sue Ellen Ross, (The Royal Spaniels)

 Dawn Secord, “Book Illustrations” (Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore)

 Diane Wynen, (The Havanese: Illustrated Study Guide)

27. Posters, Calendars

 2014 Champions for Canine Health Calendar (AKC Canine Health Foundation)

 2014 Canine Companions for Independence Puppy Calendar (Canine Companions for Independence-NER)

 The Healthy Dog Calendar (Caroline Coile & Jamie Pflughoeft)

28. Brochures and Pamphlets

 Pet Lovers Guide, San Diego Edition (Judy Macomber)

 Pet Lovers Handbook, San Diego Edition (Judy Macomber)

I. Humor, Poetry, Short Fiction, Opinions/Editorials

29. Humor

 Barbara Garnett-Wilson, “A Creative Way to Eliminate Dog Hair” (The Bulletin, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA, Inc.)

 Jen Reeder, “I’ve Become a Crazy Dog Lady, But I’m Okay With It” (The Huffington Post)

 Betty Sleep, “Revenge is Sweet” www.thegradyreport.com

30. Poetry

 Bobby Clark, “Of Love and Adventure” LadyLouiseSpeaks.com

 Debra Lampert-Rudman, “Lincoln Leaves” (la Joie)

 Lee Netzler, “Fire Hydrant” (Bagpiper-Scottish Terrier Club of America)

31. Short Fiction

 James Colasanti, Jr., The Dog Who Came For Christmas” (O’Henry Magazine)

 Helen Duberstein, “Eleanor” (AKC Family Dog)

 Barbara Magera, “Romeo & Juliet” (The Royal Dispatch)

32. Opinions/Editorials

 Lori Mauger, “Celebrity Dog Trainer’s Valuable Message is Muddied by the Grandeur” www.lorimauger.com

 Dusty Rainbolt, “Farewell to the Colonel” Catster.com

 Joan Weston, “On the Couch” (Dogs, Dogs, Dogs)

J. Other Media

33. Video, DVD, or TV Broadcasts

 AKC Canine Health Foundation, “Bloat: What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know”

 Pamela Dennison, “The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone For Aggressive & Reactive Dogs” (Shadow Publishing)

 Homeward Bound Golden Ret. Rescue (Audrey Farrington), “Jayden Wants a Home”

34. Radio, Podcast, or Other Audio

 AKC Canine Health Foundation, “Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs”

 AKC Canine Health Foundation, “Noise Phobia in Dogs”

 Megan Blake, “The Hero Dogs Are Here” (Pet Life Radio)

K. Club Publications (National, Regional or Local)

35. Magazine format

 Barbara Gibson, Editor, The Bagpiper (Scottish Terrier Club of America)

 LuAnn Stuver Rogers, Editor The Royal Dispatch (American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc.)

 Pamela Rape, Editor, The Ridgeback (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States)

36. Newsletter format

 Lynn S. Beman & Mary Pat Brunson, Editors, Cavalier Chronicle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Northeastern New York)

 Carolyn Grande, Editor, The Scottie Scuttlebutt

 Susan Marsicano, Editor, The Rip Van Wrinkler (Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club)

L. Club Publication Articles

37. Article – Any Topic

 Stephanie Abraham, “Losing Harry Arthur” (Royal Dispatch)

 Barbara Magera, “A Sixth Sense” (The Royal Spaniels)

 Cheryl Zappala, “The Nation’s First Official Police Comfort Dogs” (The Saint Fancier)

 Tracie Laliberte, “How My Cavalier Went Viral” (The Royal Dispatch)

38. Regular Column or Series

 Elizabeth M. Jarrell, “Just So” (The Aussie Times)

 Nancy P. Melone, Ph.D., “Brucellosis” (The Alpenhorn – Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America)

 Liz Palika, “Behavior Conundrums” (The Australian Shepherd Journal)

M. Club Special Publication

39. Club Special Publication

 Dr. Gail C. Golab, “Relocation of Dogs and Cats for Adoption: Best Practices” (American Veterinary Medical Association)

 Suzanne McKay, Claire Paulson, Lauren Goebel, Paula Martel, and Cindy MacLean, “The Havanese: Illustrated Study Guide” (Havanese Fanciers of Canada, Inc.)

 Jane R. Schubart, “Illustrated Guide to the Standard of Norwich Terriers” (The Norwich Terrier Club of America, Inc.)

N. Books

40. Single Breed

 Alice Lovejoy Carnahan, Wolfsong in Georgia: Memoirs of a German Shepherd Dog Family (Wolfsong Publishing)

 Patricia F. Lehman, Boston Terrier (Animal Planet Dogs 101) (TFH Publications, Inc.)

41. Related Breeds or All Breeds

 No Entries

42. Health and General Care

 Linda Case,M.S., Dog Food Logic (Dogwise Publishing)

 Jean Hofve, D.V.M., and Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D., Paleo Dog: Give Your Best Friend Long Life, Healthy Weight, and Freedom From Illness (Rodale,Inc.)

43. Training and Behavior

 Denise Fenzi & Deborah Jones, Ph.D. Dog Sports Skills, Book 2 Motivation (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Publishing)

 Pat Miller, How to Foster Dogs (Dogwise Publishing)

 Emma Parsons, Teaching the Reactive dog Class: Leading the Journey from Reactivity to Reliability (Karen Pryor Clicker Training)

44. Reference

 Adrienne Hovey, The Dog Trainer’s Resource 3 (Dogwise Publishing)

 Amy Shojai, Complete Puppy Care (Cool Gus Publishing)

 Cat Warren, What the Dog Knows: the Science and Wonder of Working Dogs (Touchstone, Simon & Schuster)

45. Fiction, Mystery or Humor

 Sheila Webster Boneham, The Money Bird (Llewellyn/Midnight Ink)

 Tracey Weber, Murder Strikes a Pose (Llewellyn/Midnight Ink)

 Susan Wilson, A Man of His Own (St. Martin’s Press)

46. Children’s

 Betsey Anderson, Maggie Goes to Maine (Maine Authors Publishing)

 Marsha Hall Brown, Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore (Archway, Simon & Schuster)

 Martin Deeley, Leo-The Incredible and Amazing Dog Star (Trafford)

 Denise Fleck, Rescue Critters Pet First Aid for Kids (Thales r Co., LLC dba Rescue Critters)

47. Human/Animal Bond

 Valerie Silver, Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends (Valerie Silver)

 Sherry Bennett Warshauer, For the Love of Kinsey (Publish America/America Star Books)

 Nicole Wilde, Hit by a Flying Wolf (Phantom Publishing)

48. Any Other Topic

 Leila Grandemange, Pawz and Pray, Short Reflections About God, Life, and the Dogs I Love! (Sunnyville Publishing)

 Kate J. Kuligowski, Our Most Treasured Tails, Sixty Years of Rescue (Our Guys Publishing Company)

 Paris Permenter, DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs (Open Road Guides)

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Maxwell Medallion
The Maxwell Medallion
Awarded to All Winners in Regular Categories

When asked to write about the history of the Maxwell Medallion I gleaned some information about the DWAA I had not read before. The Dog Writers Association of America was not always our name. We were known as the Dog Writers Association. About the time of the McCarthy era and the House Un-American Activities Committee, we had a member, Harvey Barcus, a Past President and writer for the Detroit News, who thought we should be more American and thus the name, Dog Writers Association of America came into being.

In the early 1970’s Maxwell Riddle called Sue Jeffries and asked her to run the writing contest. We were awarding plaques to the winners and had second and third place awards. Sue recalls that Bill Denlinger, then President, wanted the finalists to be called nominees. Bill wanted to ensure the awards were given out like the Academy Awards with an elaborate presentation. Sue called on Carol Lea Benjamin for help in establishing this award.

Carol Lea was reading the New York Times one morning and she saw a photo of the Medal of Freedom. It was a medal on a ribbon worn around your neck. Carol claims that was her inspiration for designing the Maxwell Medallion. Since the Medal of Freedom was presented to winners with their heads bent down during the presentation, Carol Lea thought that should be the same for the DWAA Contest winners.

I am sure by now you are all saying, “why Maxwell Riddle”? Maxwell worked for 35 years for the Cleveland Press as a feature writer and reporter. His syndicated dog column ran for 30 years. A Past President of the DWAA and wrote a column for Dog World for 50 years. He was an AKC Dog Judge and judged in Japan, South America, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, and all over Europe. He was the founder of the Ravenna Kennel Club and had been their President for 47 years. He was known in his day as the greatest authority on dogs and wrote many books on puppy training and various other dog subjects. He was known all over the world as a dog expert.

The then Board of the DWAA honoured Maxwell Riddle by naming the medallion after him. We can thank Sue Jeffries and Bill Delinger for the idea and Carol Lea Benjamin for designing the medallion. Sue had it made in Kentucky and it is still made there after all these years.

To me, the Maxwell brings memories of having known this great man and I have many pictures of my dogs winning with him as judge.

To those who knew the history of the Maxwell it was a thrill to watch Sue and Carol Lea place the medallions around the winner’s necks in 2008 for the 2007 contest. It was a tribute to their work for the Maxwell Medallion.

— Pat Santi,
Historian, Member since 1989

Special Award Categories:

Nominees receive certificates.
Winners receive cash awards.

The Adoptashelter.com Adopt a Homeless Dog Award

Bernadette E. Kazmarski, “Devoted to the End: Frankencat and Old Grand Dad” – The Creative Cat

AKC Club Publication Excellence Award

Nancy P. Melone, Ph.D., “Brucellosis, Parts 1 and 2” – The Alpenhorn – The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award

Mary Helen Berg, “5 Common Eye Diseases” – Just Labs

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Award

Amy Shojai, “AKC Canine Good Citizenship Programs” – puppies. About.com

AKC Microchipping Awareness Award Sponsored by The AKC Reunite Program

Sharon Pflaumer, “The Microchip” – Dog News

Angel on a Leash Award

Monique S. Balas, “Therapy Dogs Offer Furry Healing Only a Four-Legged Friend Can Provide” – The Oregonian

The Designated Dog Award

Sharon Pflaumer, “Freedom Dogs: Heroes for Heroes” – Dog News

DWAA Distinguished Service Award Sponsored by AKC

Vicky Clarke

DWAA Friends of Rescue Award

Nancy Gallimore Werhane, “Saving Nadia” – Tulsa Pets Magazine

DWAA Junior Writer Award

Alexandra Bernstein, “All About Corgies” – The Corgi Cryer

Dogwise Best Book Award

Cat Warren, What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs

Merial Human-Animal Bond Award

Cat Warren, What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs

Planet Dog Foundation Sit. Speak. Act. Canine Service Award

Sheri S. Levy, Seven Days to Goodbye – Barking Rain Press

Pro Plan President’s Award

Valerie Silver, Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends