2016 Writing Competition Nominees & Winners

Regular Categories

A. Newspaper Articles and Columns

1. Article – Health or General Care

Joanne Anderson, “Revisiting Lyme Disease”

Lori Mauger, “A Doggone Happy New Year”

Jen Reeder, “SNIP/tuck”

2. Article – Behavior or Training

Peggy Swager, “Three Dogs and a Baby”

3. Article – Rescue

Joanne Anderson, “Henry: A 3-Legged Hero”

Pam Gleason, “A Tale of Two Cities: the Different Worlds of  North and South”

4. Article – Art or Any Other Topic

Joanne Anderson, “From Rags to Roquefort”

James Colasanti, Jr., “A Gift from Maggi”

Andrew Woodall Kragie, “Firefighters Bid Farewell to Last Known 9/11 Search Dog”

B. Magazines

5. Single, Related, or All-Breed

AKC’s Family Dog

 The Ridgeback Magazine

 Ridgeback Register

6. Annual, Special Interest, or Any Other Subject

West Suburban Dog

C. Magazine Articles

7. Article– Health or General Care

Mara Bovsun, “The Oldest Old”

W. Jean Dodds, DVM & Elizabeth M. Jarrell, “Your Mother Was Right”

Sharon Pflaumer, “Early Spay/Neuter Linked to Health and Behaviour Problems”

Sharon Pflaumer, “The 14th Anniversary of the Surveilance Study Monitoring the Health Of the 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs”

Marnie Polivka, “Hello. My Name is Marnie and My Dog Has Epilepsy”

CJ Puotinen, “D is for Dogs (Vitamin D)”

8. Article– Behavior or Training

Mara Bovsun, “Steppin’ Out With My Puppy”

Peri Norman, “The Benefits of Obedience”

9. Article – Rescue

 Mara Bovsun, “Second Acts”

 Gail Diedrichsen, “From Riches to Rags–Restoring Dignity to Spanish Galgos Through A Mission of Hope”

Maureen Flietner, “Speak Up!”

 Jen Reeder, “A Nose for Conservation”

10. Article– Breed

Debra Lampert-Rudman, “Letting Lyra Go”

Jen Reeder, “Diary of a Therapy Dog Team”

 Jen Reeder, “Picture Perfect”

11. Article/Column – Art or Any Other Topic

 Caroline Coile, “To Orlando With Love”

 Caroline Coile, “Flights of Fancy”

 Liz Donovan, “Bringing Them Home”

Brian Patrick Duggan, “An Ancient Hound Meets the New World”

 Laura Greaves, “Only the Lonely”

 Barbara Magera, “What I Learned from My First Cavalier”

 Sharon Pflaumer, “Out of This World! Sniffer Dog Finds Space Rocks”

D. Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters

12. Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters

The Companion

The Dog and Hound

TTeam Connections

E. Canine or All-Animal Newspapers or Newsletters Articles and Columns

13. Article – Any Topic

Michael Thomas Ford, “Thankful”

Michael Thomas Ford, “Welcome Waggin”

Lyn Garson, “Service Dogs-Dogs and People Saving One Another”

Kim Campbell Thornton, “Shelters Move Toward Alternatives”

F. Online

14. Blogsite Or Website

Denise Fenzi, www.denisefenzi.com

Sharla Seidel,  AKC Canine Health Foundation website, http://www.akcchf.org

Zazie Todd, PhD, Companion animal Psychology, www.companionanimalpsychology.com

15. Magazine Or Newsletter

AKC Gazette

AKC Canine Partners News

Keeping in TTouch

Speaking of Dogs,  Lorraine Houston

G. Online Articles or Blog Entries

16. Article Or Blog – Health or General Care

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM, “Physical Changes to Expect in Older Dogs”

Cori Solomon, “4 Things I Learned When My Dog Swallowed a Soft Toy”

Zazie Todd, PhD, “Why Do People Choose Certain Dogs?”

17. Article Or Blog – Behavior or Training

Ranny Green, “See the Amazing Place”

Emma Kesler, “The Release Cue: Hidden Connections in Training”

Lori Mauger, “The Silent Treatment”

Kim Campbell Thornton, “Take the Bite Out”

18. Article or Blog – Rescue

 Kristin Michelle Avery, “A Rescue Dog and His Girl”

 Laura Teresa Coffey, “Pit Bull Rescued from Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring gets best day ever”

 Jody Miller-Young, “Origins in Dogland”

 Zazie Todd, PhD, “Shelter Dogs Live up to Expectations (mostly)”

Lisa Seger, “How I Use an Ugly Purple Chair to Save the Lives of Homeless Dogs”

Dorothy Wills-Raftery, “A Tale of Two Shelter Dogs”

19. Article or Blog – Any Other Topic

Bud Buccone, “How the Briard Won Over Thomas Jefferson”

Laura Teresa Coffey, “ASPCA ‘safety net’ keeps pets out of shelters (and hearts from breaking)”

Kim Kavin, “Hydra: New Jersey’s Just Pups and the ‘Puppy Mill Monster’”

Nancy Tanner, “Herding Lightening-Rhumb off Leash”

H. Graphics

20. Single Photo

 Emma Kesler, “Tell”

Kim Campbell Thornton, “Bankhar Dog and Herder”

 Dorothy Wills-Raftery, “A Day for Love: Wolf Smelling Roses”

21. Series Photos

 Chet Jezierski, “A Week in the Northwest”

Nancy Tanner, “Rhumb & Story- Winter time”

 Katharine von der Leyen, “Zita’s Transformation with TTouch Awareness”

22. Single Illustration or Painting

Lisa Begin-Kruysman, “Boy, Dog and Sea”

Emma Kesler, “Friends at Low Tide”

Debra Lampert-Rudman, “Evelyn”

23. Series of Illustrations or Paintings

Laurren Darr and Maria Charina Gomez, “Pugdala”

 Deborah Stevenson, illustrations by Morgan Spicer, “Soaring Soren: When French Bulldogs Fly”

 David Voisard, artist, “What Happens to Rover When the Marriage is Over?”

24. Posters, Calendars, Brochures or Pamphlets

 Debra Lampert-Rudman, “The Dream of Healthy Cocker Spaniel Eyes”

Theresa M. Lyons, “365 Day Ridgeback Rescue Calendar”

 Nancy Kinnear, “The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Calendar”

I. Humor, Poetry, Short Fiction, Opinions/Editorials

25. Humor

Bud Boccone, “You Might be A Dog Show Old Timer If…”

Elizabeth M. Jarrell, “A Poopy Puppy Problem”

Marcia Anne Woodard, “If They Don’t Bark, How Do You Know Someone’s at the Door?”

26. Poetry

Joanne Anderson, “Westminster Haiku”

Debra Lampert-Rudman, “I Keep Looking”

Lee Netzler, “Spring Melt”

27. Short Fiction

Lisa Begin-Kruysman, “Second Chances”

Mark Edmonds, “Bobby, the Tiny White Poodledog”

Amy D. Shojai, “Born To Love: Keiki and Lia Thriller”

28. Opinions/Editorials

 Joanne Anderson, “The Gift of Time”

Kate Eldredge, “The Value of Type”

Jen Reeder, “Lifted by a walk in the fallen snow”

J. Other Media

29. Video, DVD, or TV Broadcasts

Bud Boccone, “My Buddy: The Dogs of WWII”

Lisa Jo Clark, “Unbreaking the Galgo-Helping the Castoff Dogs of Spain”

Amy Laura Tokic, “English Bulldog 101: Is a Bulldog Right For You?”

30. Radio, Podcast, or Other Audio

Teoti Anderson, “5 Ways to Ruin a Puppy”

Teoti Anderson, “You’re Promoted to Management!”

Sharla Seidel, “The Itchy Dog”

K. Club Publications (National, Regional or Local)

31. Magazine format

The Alphenhorn

The Harp and Hound

Pointer Points

The Royal Dispatch

32. Newsletter format

Dog Tales

The Scottie Scuttlebutt

L. Club Publication Articles

33. Article – Any Topic

Carol Bryant , “7 Ways to Prevent Cancer in Dogs”

Nancy P. Melone, PhD, “X-Ray positioning in OFA Hip Dysplasia Grading: The Devil is in the Details”

Bruce Toenjes, “Living with an Affected Dog”

34. Regular Column or Series

Kathryn Monroe, “Highlights Column Feeding the Immune System”

M. Club Special Publication

35. Club Special Publication

AKC, “Meet the Breeds”

N. Books

36. Single, Related, or All-Breed

Linda J. Shaw, The Illustrated Standard for the German Shepherd Dog

37. Rescue or Adoption

Laura Teresa Coffey, My Old Dog

Kate J. Kuligowski, Goodbye Bad Guys

Diane Rose-Solomon, What to Expect When Adopting A Dog

Sunny Weber, Beyond Flight or Fight 

38. Training or Sports

Teoti Anderson, The Dog Behavior Problem Solver

Pamela Dennison, You Can Train Your Dog

Denise Leigh Fenzi, Beyond the Back Yard

39. Behavior, Health, or General Care

Eileen Anderson, Remember Me? Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Denise Fleck, The Autumn and Winter of Your Pet

Annie Phenix, The Midnight Dog Walkers

40. Human Animal Bond

Mary Jean Alsina, Dogs are People, Too

Douglas Green, The Teachings of Shirelle: Life Long Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead

Patti Lawson, What Happens to Rover When the Marriage is Over? And Other Legal Dilemmas

Arlene Weintraub, Heal: The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures

41. Reference

Laurren Darr, Pet Business Planning Almanack 2016

Kim Kavin, The Dog Merchants

Janice Koler-Matznick, Dawn of the Dog

Tracy Libby, Reporting for Duty

42. Fiction, Young Adult or Humor

Sheila Boneham, Shepherd’s Crook

Amy D. Shojai, Show and Tell

Kristin von Kreisler, Earnest  

43. Children

Denise Fleck, Start Off on the Right Paw

Cindy W. Hollingsworth, Westie Tails–Meet Two Little Westies

Tracey C. Jones, Boxcar Indy Goes To Doggy World

James S. Martinez/Timothy Civick, Cooper the Rescue Dog

Lauren Ann Theuerkauf, Priceless Penny 

Nominees and Winners: Special Awards
Previous Year’s Nominees and Winners
Writing Competition Logo

Regular Category Winners and Special Award Winners will be announced at the DWAA banquet on February 12, 2017. All nominees receive certificates. Winners receive the DWAA Maxwell Medallion, named in honor of the late Maxwell Riddle.

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Maxwell Medallion
The Maxwell Medallion
Awarded to All Winners in Regular Categories

When asked to write about the history of the Maxwell Medallion I gleaned some information about the DWAA I had not read before. The Dog Writers Association of America was not always our name. We were known as the Dog Writers Association. About the time of the McCarthy era and the House Un-American Activities Committee, we had a member, Harvey Barcus, a Past President and writer for the Detroit News, who thought we should be more American and thus the name, Dog Writers Association of America came into being.

In the early 1970’s Maxwell Riddle called Sue Jeffries and asked her to run the writing contest. We were awarding plaques to the winners and had second and third place awards. Sue recalls that Bill Denlinger, then President, wanted the finalists to be called nominees. Bill wanted to ensure the awards were given out like the Academy Awards with an elaborate presentation. Sue called on Carol Lea Benjamin for help in establishing this award.

Carol Lea was reading the New York Times one morning and she saw a photo of the Medal of Freedom. It was a medal on a ribbon worn around your neck. Carol claims that was her inspiration for designing the Maxwell Medallion. Since the Medal of Freedom was presented to winners with their heads bent down during the presentation, Carol Lea thought that should be the same for the DWAA Contest winners.

I am sure by now you are all saying, “why Maxwell Riddle”? Maxwell worked for 35 years for the Cleveland Press as a feature writer and reporter. His syndicated dog column ran for 30 years. A Past President of the DWAA and wrote a column for Dog World for 50 years. He was an AKC Dog Judge and judged in Japan, South America, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, and all over Europe. He was the founder of the Ravenna Kennel Club and had been their President for 47 years. He was known in his day as the greatest authority on dogs and wrote many books on puppy training and various other dog subjects. He was known all over the world as a dog expert.

The then Board of the DWAA honoured Maxwell Riddle by naming the medallion after him. We can thank Sue Jeffries and Bill Delinger for the idea and Carol Lea Benjamin for designing the medallion. Sue had it made in Kentucky and it is still made there after all these years.

To me, the Maxwell brings memories of having known this great man and I have many pictures of my dogs winning with him as judge.

To those who knew the history of the Maxwell it was a thrill to watch Sue and Carol Lea place the medallions around the winner’s necks in 2008 for the 2007 contest. It was a tribute to their work for the Maxwell Medallion.

— Pat Santi,
Historian, Member since 1989

All nominees receive certificates.
Winners receive cash awards.

Sponsors of the Special Awards are not involved in the judging.

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