Cunning Corgis

The Most Magical Dogs in the Universe

By Theo Bernstein, age 8, New York City

Introduction: What is a Corgi?

Presenting the most magical kind of dog to step paw in this universe: The Corgi! If you want to learn more about this amazing creature, dive into this encyclopedia on the world’s most valuable dog.

Taking Care: Beds, Bowls, and Balls

A Corgi’s care falls straight into your lap, so be ready. Set up your house with dog beds, water bowls, crates and toys.

Feed them breakfast and dinner. If needed, you can give your Corgi a snack around lunchtime. I recommend chicken, liver, veggies, cheese sticks, eggs, and cottage cheese.

Take them out to the bathroom three times a day at the very least.

You must play with them, a lot. It actually is fun playing with your Corgis because they love to play.

Corgis On the Move

Do Corgis like transportation? Yes! Corgis think cabs, subways, cars, buses, and other ways to travel are cool. Put them in a bag or crate, and off you go!

My Corgi, Maisy, is the pride of the M86 or M79 buses on Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday.

Fun in the Ring

Do you know that Corgis can compete? They compete in dog shows or obedience. In obedience, the judge asks your Corgi to jump over something. Corgis are herding dogs, so if you have one, you can compete in the Herding Group. In dog shows, you walk your Corgi in a ring and the judge examines your dog on a table.

Theo’s first Corgi, Zabar, shows off obedience skills that would soon be well known.

How to Be a Breeder

Where do baby Corgis come from? They come in the same way humans do, but with dogs instead. This all starts with a breeder. A breeder is a person who gets a female dog and she has a litter. A litter is a group of baby dogs. Then the breeder needs to find homes for some of them because you wouldn’t want 10 Corgis in an apartment!

Kinds of Corgis

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigans are very valuable because they come from Wales. They have a tail and small bodies, but they have huge ears.  They are wild and friendly. They enjoy rawhides. They are hard to train. They love big transportation. They aren’t Frisbee lovers. Cardigans do not eat very well. Overall, Cardigans are more of the city dog.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembrokes are red-furred. They have no tail. Pembrokes are serious, loveable, and helpful. They have small ears, love bones, like Frisbee, behave at all times and hate transportation. More of a country dog.


Brindwells (aka Brindles, ed.) are a type of Cardigan. Brindwells are white and black. They are behaved in dog shows. If you are looking for a relaxing pet, Brindwells are good. They bark and eat well. They get along well with Cardigans. Brindwells are pretty fun Corgis.

They have zebra stripes!


Finally, what have you learned? You were shown everything you need to know about Corgis. Remember, there are some other good types of dogs, like Doxons (aka Dachshunds, ed.) and Poodles. But none of them is more recognizable than the Corgi. Should you get a Pembroke, or Cardigan, or Brindwell? Now that’s your choice!