Be sure to watch Jill Rappaport, DWAA Keynote Speaker, on Animal Planet’s “The Dog Bowl”!

Jill Rappaport
Photo courtesy of Kristin Gray
We are so inspired by the work of Jill Rappaport, a tireless advocate of senior dog adoptions…and an upcoming keynote speaker at the DWAA Awards Banquet on Feb. 10 at the Hotel New Yorker! Please be sure to tune in and watch “Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Bowl” this Superbowl weekend. You just might end up adopting a golden oldie – and one way or another, there will be tons of cuteness!

As Jill says in a wonderful article for the TODAY show’s website by DWAA Veep Laura Coffey, “When you give an older dog a second chance at life, you’re the one who gets the gift. They look at you every day like you’re from heaven above — and you actually are when you take in a senior dog.”


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