Hearts and Hounds

Valentine’s Day Pups

by Kendle Frank, 16 years old
Parker, Colorado

I celebrated the day of love by photographing the animals that stole my heart. I had a howling good time and wish all of my readers a Valentine’s Day full of Pugs and kisses!

Cocoa, 2-year-old mixed breed.
Cocoa, 2-year-old mixed breed. Cocoa goes loco for flowers and her loving family. Spunky and spirited, her attitude makes up for her small size.
Bella, 1-year-old Great Dane.
Bella, 1-year-old Great Dane. It’s rare to catch Bella the gentle giant displaying the famous “Great Dane pride” because of her goofy and youthful nature. When she isn’t trying to trick humans into thinking she’s a lap dog, she is a faithful protector and best friend to five kids.
Daisy, 12-year-old Basset Hound.
Daisy, 12-year-old Basset Hound. Like her name suggests, Daisy is as sweet, gentle, and beautiful as a flower. Her floppy ears and big droopy Basset eyes are sure to make anyone’s heart melt.
Captain, 7-year-old Great Dane/Labrador Retriever mix.
Captain, 7-year-old Great Dane/Labrador Retriever mix. Captain the Great Dane/Labrador mix may come off as your classic “tough guy,” but in reality he has a very sweet and tender heart. This casanova is set out to be the ‘goodest boy’ of them all this holiday.
Lucy, 3-year-old Basenji/Pit Bull Mix
Lucy, 3-year-old Basenji/Pit Bull Mix. Lucifer, or Lucy for short, is quite angelic despite her name. This pretty girl is energetic and radiates happiness to everyone she meets.
Lola, 8-year-old Labrador Retriever
Lola, 8-year-old Labrador Retriever. Sporting lipstick marks like leopard spots, Lola the lovable Lab showcases her Valentine’s spirit by sleeping at her owner’s feet every night.
Smudge, 1-year-old Keeshond
Smudge, 1-year-old Keeshond. At this time of year, Smudge’s favorite chew toys are roses. At least they make her breath smell better!
Parade Pug
Parade Pug. This “love Pug” strolled through a local park, showing off her beautiful “lady Pug” costume. Onlookers were in awe of her sweetness and charm.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Kendle and the dogs