Dog Writers Association Of America Manuscript Academy Contest Closed

As the DWAA continues to grow we’re always looking for ways to serve our members by offering them opportunities that will assist them along that path.

Whether you’re creating Fiction or Non-Fiction for young children, Middle Grade, Young Adult or the Adult market plot, character development, story arc, POV and the often elusive author’s “Voice” are crucial elements of a great story well-told, especially if you wish to engage the interest of a literary agent or traditional publisher.  

Even oft-published authors struggle to find the most effective and engaging ways to write, edit and then get their stories out there with each new project. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some direct and personal industry feedback to make the path to publication more rewarding? 

As of August 15, 2019, DWAA members-in-good-standing (exclusive of DWAA officers and members of the Board of Governors) are eligible to win a chance for a free “Ten Minutes with an Expert” one-on-one consultation offered by the Manuscript Academy, an organization offering writers conferences, classes and access to industry experts; all in the comfort of their own homes! 

If you would like to apply for consideration of membership with DWAA, we encourage you to do so here: Become a DWAA member.

To learn more about the Manuscript Academy and their offerings please visit

Interested members will need to submit their names through the DWAA website between August 16, 2019 and September 15, 2019.  On September 17, there will be a blind drawing of two names. The two lucky entrants will receive a code via email that will enable them to sign up for a FREE ten-minute consultation with a Manuscript Academy staff member ($49.00 value).

All entrants will be verified as members in good standing with DWAA prior to the drawing. Winners will be revealed on this DWAA blog post and on social media on or about September 17, 2019.

Winners will simply access the Manuscript Academy website, review the profiles of participating agents/editors, select the one they feel is most compatible with their work, and arrange for an appointment. The winner will provide a query letter, or first page from a work-in-progress, a completed Novel or work of Non-Fiction, or just an idea for a project to their selected consultant.

Please note while a session can help you gain valuable insight on your project, or W-I-P, it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to formally submit material; however, it can provide a great starting point for future opportunities. 

We are excited to offer our members this unique opportunity to grow as writers!

To learn more about the Manuscript Academy and their offerings please visit

We are happy to offer our members this unique opportunity to grow as writers! 

Special thanks to DWAA Social Media volunteer, Lisa Begin-Kruysman, for facilitating this opportunity.

How to Enter The Contest: Contest Closed

Simply reply below and answer these questions: What is your name and are you a member of DWAA in good standing?

The contest is closed, thanks to all who entered, and the winners are:

Dawn Secord and Debi Lampert-Rudman

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  1. Lisa Begin-Kruysman says

    Hi everyone – as your co-admin for our Facebook page and recently re-agented author, I do highly recommend using the services of the Manuscript Academy. I wish all entrants success – please follow link contained in my post above to enter. Although I eventually found representation on my own, my chats with agents and editors during my Ten-Minute sessions helped me on my quest…now we wait. Best to all.

    • Lisa Begin-Kruysman says

      Hi – just want to “reword” something in my comment. Should’ve read, please follow link in above post to learn more about the Manuscript Academy and their offerings! Your reply here as members of good standing is an official entry! Thanks, and Great Luck to all. Carry on.

  2. Diana Kerew-Shaw says

    I am a member in good standing and would like to be considered for the consultation contest.