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From the “Talkfest” Blog

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If you are interested, this will be fun to watch, do you think the goats will faint? ...

What happens when fainting goats experience a solar eclipse? We will visit Fern Hill Fainters in Cross Plains, Tennessee to see if the flock will be startled by a total solar eclipse.

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I managed to stay out of trouble department: Saw a political post yesterday -I usually don't read them-but somehow my eye was drawn to one reply. The person was really annoyed and wrote "their" instead of there. I was soooo tempted to reply :"there,they're,their it will be okay". I restrained myself in the interest of personal safety. ...

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I am thinning out my collection and am donating some Collie memorabilia to Collie rescue (SEPA). My husband asked how much the items were worth. I had no idea. Then he wanted to know how to find out how much they were worth. I told him appraisers charge for their services. This led me to share(with him) I have been asked to provide values for pieces collectors have in the Setter clubs. If I don't know I refer them to google . I am really not an expert on values but realized it might be a handy thing to know for my collectibles column. I was wondering if anyone has a helpful source for finding values without having to pay an appraiser . Also what if you don't know the manufacturer/artist? (no, I have NO intention of getting into selling anything-too much work! just want to have another helpful source for my readers) TIA ...

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DWAA Members: DWAA's Writing Contest Needs Judges! The DWAA contest entries are flowing in … we need more judges! Please email Su.
h J R
Our very own Jen Reeder, DWAA President did an excellent interview on Talkin' Pets Radio. If you missed here it is, https://t.co/OOSMXh2rk8
h J R

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