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1 day ago

Dog Writers Association of America

Do you make summer reading lists? In addition to dog books, what other genres do you read? Do you enjoy narrative nonfiction and memoirs, short stories, books on training?What book are you reading right now that you can't put down? 📚 ...

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Have any dog-friendly plans for Memorial Day? Are you writing any related articles? If yes, please let us know! ...

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3 days ago

Dog Writers Association of America

Any tips to add?#Ergonomics Tip of the Day: Posture While Typing On A Computer:

Typing well is more than just speed, it's also about practicing healthy typing techniques. Adopting a relaxed/natural posture allows for movement and flexibility. Never push yourself to type faster than what feels comfortable and don't go long periods of time without taking a significant break.

"Hunt & Peck" style typing is particularly risky because of "occupational overuse injury" caused by:

-overuse of only one or two fingers which may overload the finger tendons.
-Constant looking from keyboard to screen to keyboard, which may strain neck muscles.
#wellness #ergonomic #typing #health #CTS

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