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Dog Writers Association of America shared I am not a grammar cop. I am an English-language enthusiast.'s post. ...

A "malaphor" is what results when two unrelated idioms are mashed together. The blended expression usually ends up sounding odd and amusing. The word "malaphor" is a portmanteau of "malapropism" and "metaphor". This picture illustrates a malaphor that I've used jokingly for many years. Do you have a favorite that you've heard or used?

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Dog Writers Association of America shared The White House Historical Association's post. ...

In 1920, two turkeys tussled outside of the White House. President Woodrow Wilson had received both turkeys as gifts, one from the Chamber of Commerce of Cuero, Texas, and the second from the former clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives. The clerk’s turkey won the face-off, but neither was seriously hurt in the avian scuffle. The true victor was President Wilson, who no doubt enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving feast that year. The next year, the Harding Girls’ Club of Chicago attempted to send Wilson’s successor, President Warren G. Harding, a turkey via airplane. At this point, air travel was still a novelty, and the turkey, named Supreme II and outfitted in an aviation helmet, sweater and goggles, would be considered a pioneer. Unfortunately, the bird became airsick, which necessitated a transfer to a train bound for Washington, D.C. It arrived at the White House kitchen “somewhat groggy, but still able to gobble,” reported the Baltimore Sun. After Harding’s death in 1923, President Calvin Coolidge attempted to discourage people from sending turkeys to the White House, citing a problematic surplus. “Sometimes enough turkeys have been received at the White House to load down the tables of the whole staff,” reported the New York Times. Despite his best efforts, the flow of turkeys did not stop and he eventually relented. There were some lines Coolidge would not cross, however. In 1926, he received a raccoon from Mississippi, which the sender intended for the Coolidges’ Thanksgiving meal. The president opted not to eat the critter, and the raccoon instead became a pet that Mrs. Coolidge took for walks around the White House Grounds. Coolidge’s successor, President Herbert Hoover, had six turkeys to choose from. Ultimately, he selected a 13-pound wild turkey that Postmaster William M. Mooney had shot in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley to be the centerpiece of the evening. The fate of turkeys who visited the White House did not change significantly until the latter half of the 20th century when the turkey pardon became a presidential tradition.

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Okay now I can tell you my secret activity I had planned for this weekend. Today I adopted an eight year old Irish Setter. Her name is Daisy Mae! She is sweet and already knows some "requests" (being a bit of a Rebel myself-I don't like the word "command"-also why I leave out punctuation LOL). She even "met friendly stranger"(and in the dark ) weird stranger -but he is friendly, kids playing ball-not phased by bouncing football. My new Town Watch partner! Athena Cat obeyed my invitation to come down off the file cabinet to meet Daisy and then swatted Daisy with her claws out. Daisy sat down and looked as if her feelings were hurt. Daisy did not bark or lunge . She came from a home with cats(Owner too ill to take care of dogs).So I hope she and the cats will get along. ...

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DWAA's James Colasanti Jr, award-winning author, will be featured in Triad Happy Tails Mag & @SimplyPetsMag holiday… https://t.co/iTKdTBuoR5
h J R
Thanking & Remembering our Veteran's for their sacrifices this weekend. Thank you to all of you and your families.… https://t.co/CIoKww1IBv
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Be aware when traveling with your pets this Holiday Season. https://t.co/XRiAEBTEro … #pets #travelingwithpets #beaware #dogwriter #dog
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