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From the “Talkfest” Blog

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Are you a DWAA member with a Twitter account? If you are, visit the DWAA website for instructions on contacting the DWAA Twitter rep with your account information! ...

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Dog Writers Association of America shared I am not a grammar cop. I am an English-language enthusiast.'s photo. ...

Humor aside, commas DO matter. For the most part, the comma is the graphical representation of an oral pause, however slight, within a sentence. Its presence or absence can affect the interpretation of the sentence. I doubt that the commas-optional folks speak without the oral pauses that the commas represent.

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Dog Writers Association of America shared Grammarly's photo. ...

Aggressive. Image Credit: Wrong Hands

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This is an amazing friendship! And Friday before a 3-day weekend, once again if you have any pet-friendly plans, please share! Oh, and if you and spending the 3-day weekend holed up writing on a project, please share that news as well! ...


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We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together. - Bill Richardson #team #together #teamwork
h J R
Those who attended #BlogPaws, did you get to hear @JenReeder1 speak about Content? The info is priceless. #DWAA_US… https://t.co/5aGOpgW9D9
h J R
Fun to write about specializing in pets for ASJA Magazine! Shout outs to @DWAA_US & @CatWriters contest: https://t.co/A2SxpPlm10 #amwriting
h J R

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