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From the “Talkfest” Blog

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Seize the day! ...

When your dog decides to bring a tree home 😂😂

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I need one, how about you? ...

This vacuum will pick up your dog's poop for you.

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Dog Writers Association of America shared The Dodo's Abandoned Baby Squirrels Find The Best Foster Dad. ...

This baby squirrel freaked out during the eclipse, so this guy took her in and made her a “jungle” in the closet — she even got a new friend!

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Remember the spelling rule, i before e— ...

#lol - Join us: fb.com/unitedhumanists

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From Twitter

Happiness is a warm puppy. - Charles M. Schulz. #dog #dogwriters #dwaa #dogs https://t.co/nOFpHo6OX7
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Again, Congratulations to all of our DWAA Annual Writing Competition Winners!! Safe Travels to all those who are tr… https://t.co/FIeDhON4py
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Attn: DWAA Members: The DWAA is giving away a few tickets to our awards banquet to be held on 2/10 Hotel New Yorker… https://t.co/ih1I5EwdTi
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