Judging the Writing Competition

Each year, DWAA relies on an independent panel of volunteers to judge the competition entries.

Thank you to the judges for volunteering your time, support, and talents to make this year’s competition a success. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to volunteer as judges. Without each of you, there would be no writing competition.

This is a great opportunity for writers to showcase their talents and for others to discover what is being created. This develops confidence in both members and non-members to take their journey further while rewarding a job well done.

We are honored and grateful to each of you. Those interested in being a judge for next year’s competition should contact Merrie Meyers at 2023dwaacontestchair@gmail.com.

President’s Note: Special thanks and gratitude to Merrie Meyers for taking on the challenge and task of overseeing and managing the writing competition.

Many thanks to the following contest judges for volunteering their time and expertise on behalf of the 2022 entrants:

Joanne Anderson

Skye Anderson

Teoti Anderson

Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell

Mary  Fish Arango

Kaitlyn Arford

Therese Backowski

James Baughman

Emelise  Baughman

Kristi Benson

Pilley Bianchi

Charlie Bickerstaff

Holly Majka  Brookins

Mary Pat Brunsun

Christy Burbidge

Teresa Burgher

Kathy Buxton

Kim Campbell Thornton

Christy Caplan

Carla Close

Pam Conick

Holly  Cornwell

Laura Davies

Estelle Dodds

Sonja Donaldson

Anne Marie Duquette

Wayne Emberton

Johann Emedi

Susan Gonyo

Leila Grandemange

Tilly  Grassa

June Greig

Celindah Grier

Lee Grogan

Roo Grubis

Tammy J Hamilton

Kelly Hampton Lee

Dean A. Handley

Mary Hanus

Karen Harbert

Lynn Hayner

Reagan Healea

Michael Hoffman

Maryann Hogan

Sandra Ireland Moger

Doug Johnson

Kristi Jones

Lisa Karesh

Lauren Katims

Melissa Kauffman

Jeanne Kesner

Sharon Kirby

Cindy Koehring

Heather Lamont

Penny Leigh

Susan Luck

Beth Lyons

Bonnie M Harris

Cathy Madson

Barbara Magera

Connie Marple

Maggie Marton

Karen Matters

Dale  McElrath

Debbie McMullen

Jackie McQueeney

Merrie Meyers

Pat Miller

Marian Mynott

Peri Norman

Sandi Olsen

Lyn  Richards Pawlowski

Barbara Pepper

Jeffrey Pepper

Tibby Plants

Marsha Pugh

Jen Reeder

LuAnn Rogers

Angela Schneider

Mary Schwager

Amy Shojai

Patricia  Stephens

Judith Tabler

Barbara Waters

Charlie Weidig

Cathy Weselby

Laura Westenkirchner

Deborah Wood

George Young

Chris Zink