A Midnight Walk

August 4, 2021
By Nikolas Anthony Klimenko
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 As I walked into the misty forest the cold air hit me like a block of stone 
the intense silence seemed to make the midnight chill ever colder
as the growling of dogs and shouting of people grew fainter
by the second the darkness seemed to press in
  There was an owl hooting an eerie tune
and a wolf howled a hunting sound
the clicking of midnight beetles on the forest floor
the slow beating of my heart grew faster by the second 
a low growl in the forest echoed maddingly around me
  When I turn my head from side to side ever so slightly 
 the mist wetted trees branches look like the hands reaching out
to pull me into its deadly embrace
 a massive soundless beast moved five yards away
 my muscles tighten and I grow more apprehensive by the second
  When I turn to flee the smell of brimstone paralyzes my body
as I break out of the strange trance I run as hard and fast as I can
and I round the last corner and the merry sounds of singing, yelling, and barking of dogs
catches me, I stand there panting, so relieved to be back at base camp

By Nikolas Anthony Klimenko, 12 years old.