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Featured image for “A Midnight Walk”
Nikolas Anthony Klimenko

A Midnight Walk

 As I walked into the misty forest the cold air hit me like a block of stone  the intense silence seemed to make the midnight chill ever colder as the growling of dogs and shouting…

young writers | August 4, 2021

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Jayson Kimberly

A Night With Summer

In the fall of 2019, I was invited by Abandoned Animal Rescue (AAR) of Magnolia, Texas, to participate in “A Night in the Dog House,” a unique event to raise funds for their rescue animals.…

young writers | February 8, 2021

Featured image for “A Peach Among Pups”
Mia Marie Lussier

A Peach Among Pups

Peaches! Out of the flowers! Peaches! Off the pool cover! Peaches! Not on the counter! Peaches! Peaches is not what you would call an ordinary dog. She is mischievous, crazy, and any other word that…

young writers | August 25, 2020

Featured image for “Running With June and Blu”
Kate Gallagher

Running With June and Blu

I have been competing in dog agility events as a junior handler through the American Kennel Club for almost seven years now. In these seven years, I have learned and accomplished many things. Working with…

young writers | August 25, 2020

Featured image for “The Perks of Having a Press Pass”
Kathryn Prerost

The Perks of Having a Press Pass

We hopped onto the bus to get to Pier 94. I watched the raindrops trickle down the side of the window and tried to guess which one would hit the bottom first. I never won.…

young writers | August 25, 2020

Featured image for “Puppy In The Rain”
Mohit Singh

Puppy In The Rain

One rainy evening Harsh was coming home from school when he heard a whining sound from a narrow street. He followed it to a cardboard box that was shaking. Inside, he found a shivering German…

young writers | July 26, 2020

Featured image for “X Marks The Heart”
Victoria Cororan

X Marks The Heart

Sometimes you have to deal with awful things for great things to come. Our family dog’s name is Jaxx, and he got his name in a very special way. Jaxx was our second dog. Our…

young writers | June 11, 2020

Featured image for “My Best Friend, Zeus”
Anjuli Turner

My Best Friend, Zeus

It started with a cookie at lunch. After I collected my mini tacos, I headed to the cookie station. “Turner, Anjuli Turner,” I said. “Here’s your warmed-up chocolate chip cookie, Miss Turner,” Kelly Corrigan, the…

young writers | April 30, 2020

Featured image for “Oakley and Her Huge Personality”
Bailey Boswell

Oakley and Her Huge Personality

On June 29th, my life was changed in a way I could have never imagined. That day, we loaded up the car with lots of toys and puppy food and headed to Rome, Georgia, from…

young writers | January 31, 2020

Featured image for “The Stray”
Conal Gallant

The Stray

Every day I wake up and go to the same place, the park. Not the dog park like my native brethren because to them and the humans, I’m an outcast, a danger, a stray. Like…

young writers | August 27, 2019

Featured image for “The Trial”
Kate Haglin

The Trial

My heart is racing as I walk up to the judge with my English Springer Spaniel, Yanta.  I am about to show the judge how much we have learned together. I make Yanta sit, looking…

young writers | August 26, 2019

Featured image for “Chain Reaction”
Kathryn Prerost

Chain Reaction

The first full question I believe I ever asked was, “Mommy, can I have a dog?” Ever since I learned that phrase, I never stopped repeating it. She got me fish. I was very excited,…

young writers | August 13, 2019