2020 Judges

Each year, DWAA relies on an independent panel of volunteers to judge the competition entries. Despite the pandemic, we had close to 900 entries, making this year’s competition very close to the number received last year.

Thank you to the judges for volunteering your time, support, and talents to make this year’s competition a success. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to volunteer as judges. Without each of you, there would be no writing competition.

This is a great opportunity for writers to showcase their talents and for others to discover what is being created. This develops confidence in both members and non-members to take their journey further while rewarding a job well done.

We are honored and grateful to each of you. Those interested in being a judge for next year’s competition should contact me at frmrtcher@gmail.com.

President’s Note: Special thanks and gratitude to Darlene Bryant for taking on the challenge and task of overseeing and managing the writing competition.

Many thanks to the following contest judges for volunteering their time and expertise on behalf of the 2020 entrants:

Sandy Mesmer

Duncan MacVean

Christy Caplan

Bryn Nowell

Jen Reeder

June Greig

Elizabeth Lopez

Gail Bisher

Melissa Kauffman

Carol Bryant

Theresa Lyons

Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell

Yasmine Ali

Marsha Pugh

LuAnn Stuver Rogers

Tilly Grassa

Mary Schwager

Maggie Marton

Arden Moore

Peri Norman

Paula Gregg

Michael Hoffman

Kim Thornton

Susan Metzger

Angela Schneider

Aimee Gertsch

Kristin Avery

Casey Bobek

Kate Kuligowski

Melissa McMath Hatfield

Bobbie Pyron

Teri Wilson

Virginia Norman

William Patterson

Cori Solomon

Barbara Magera

Patricia Stephens

Mary Burch

Adria Henderson

Hilary Lane

Lisa Bregant

Debra Lampert-Rudman

Marcie Davis

Dawn White

Fran Pennock Shaw

Skye Anderson

Photo credit: Jamie Street on Unsplash

Joel Gavriele-Gold

Caroline Coile

Rachel Brix

Michele Wojciechowski

Sarah Montague

Emma Kesler

Teoti Anderson

Susan Willett

Shelley Bueche

Cara Achterberg

Elaine Gewirtz

Beth Ann Amico

Fay Pacchioli

Sandy King

Sue Bobek

Lisa Peterson

Susan Luck

Cathy Weselby

Linda Saraco

Mary Fish Arango

Deborah Wood

Rebecca Sanchez

Denise Fleck

Corally Burmaster

Emelise Baughman

Alden Taylor

Anne Marie Duquette

Marilyn Singer

Laurie Williams

Mary Abram

Amy Tokic

Kelsie McKenzie

Kathy Mandell

Joanne Anderson

Christy Powers

Karen Harbert

Merrie Meyers

Mara Bovsun

Sharon Fremer

Kathleen Komlos

Ranny Green